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The Woollatt Racing Team
Steve Woollatt  

Steve Woollatt (Rider and Owner)

AGE - 50

OCCUPATION - Business man

Mark   Mark

AGE - 24

OCCUPATION - Honda Technician

Phil   Phil

AGE - 41

OCCUPATION - Self employed plumbing and heating engineer

    Jackie Jones 

AGE - 45


Jackie's public relation skills are second to none and she is an essential member of the front-of-the house team. Her duties include client liaison with everyone from track officials to television companies, and is responsible for the bikes on-board computer analysis, Jackie ia always on hand to deal general inquiries from the public, and also manages the administration side of the team.

Phil Baimbridge   Phil Baimbridge of Phil Bambridge Racing  (Technical Advisor)

OCCUPATION - Combustion Engineer

Phil has been a TOP FUEL BIKE racer himself for many years running the Phil Baimbridge race team although now retired from the sport as a racer he has joined forces with the woollatt race team, using his expertise and knowledge along with Steves riding abilities, to-gether they have developed the bike into the championship winner it is today

    Steve Conway (Sponsorship Coordinator)

OCCUPATION - Manager of Keys Yamaha Worthing Clothing Department.

Steve is another great asset to the team. Due to his hard work and dedication he has managed to secure many lucrative sponsorship deals, all of which are still with us

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